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My name is Marcel Salazar and I am a Physical Therapist by training but have worked in the health industry since graduating in 2005 from Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention BSc (Honours) Degree.

I spent time during my degree working in the UK with a high profile physiotherapist in Athletics (Chris Allen of Battersea park) and in the US in the University College of San Diego, which had a fantastic rehabilitation and sports department which provided on site therapists for all of the collegiate athletes.

This experience allowed me to work with athletes of varying disciplines ranging from football, to softball to volleyball. Each presenting with their own unique injuries and imbalances of which it was my (our) job to manage and improve injuries as well as prevention in future. On the conclusion of my degree I underwent an additional diploma for strength and conditioning.

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Following graduation

Following graduation I started my own business in North Greater London which began to show momentum and growth however I felt that I required further learning especially in business and management. I then chose to close my business to pursue my goal of continued professional development (CPD) in business. I was successfully selected to begin working for Kieser Training as General Manager which gave me the skills and understanding that musculoskeletal training is essential for well being and health, in this role I was responsible for recruitment, training, daily operations, marketing and finance. After 5 years of employment I felt that more could be done to provide a complete service and concept for customers. Since leaving my position as General Manager I have spent the best part of the last 12 months looking after my 2 young children and developing my concept of Strong For Life. My family and I moved to southern Spain back in Sept 2017 and I established my therapy business in June 2018. In this time the business has grown to include home visits and multiple location which can be found here. The future looks very bright for Strong For Life and I look forward to helping you regain your quality of life through effective, safe fast acting physical therapy techniques. Marcel Salazar - Founder

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I am a pharmacist, I try really hard to promote healthy living (avoid medications) and help people to live healthier lives with my online business, which I'm very passionate about! I realized (eventually) that I must work on my weaknesses in order to be able to help others. I now constantly work on trying to improve my health and nutrition. I saw this competition as a very personal challenge both physical and mental as well as an opportunity to see how much I can push myself and what I can achieve. I love strength training, but it wasn't easy, I had very little time to prepare. I committed to it and worked very hard! My nutrition, which is critical is already good as I follow the best and very simple program which helps me to load my body with lots of plant-based nutrients 💪🏻🌱. Are you tired of making excuses? Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life? contact me, let's make it happen! I can only help 5 people at a time as I want to make sure you get the support you need from me to ensure we achieve your goals!

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I love getting feedback from my clients especially when it is positive but all feedback is valuable and taken into consideration as to how I can continually improve my services. See my reviews below.