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Arguably one of the most important modalities for treatment able to positively effect relaxation, circulation, fluid drainage and recovery including healing from injury or stress.

The question one always asks is does massage therapy work? referenced in the link above is an open study answering this question in detail. To surmise this extensive report, which I believe to be well conducted, massage is very effective but the results can vary greatly from person to person and often a combination of therapies is better then massage alone. My particular strength is in Deep Tissue massage which I find is the most productive for results with my clients. Whether male or female, deep tissue massage is hugely effective in relieving tension, eliminating imbalance and improving blood flow, which so often is the cause of pain and limitation.

PNF stands for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (hence the abbreviation) or assisted stretching is a fantastic method of relaxing the muscles and tendons through active muscle contraction and release techniques. It is a skill acquired and practiced both here in the UK and US and is used by top therapists particularly in the elite sporting arena’s but can be effective for everyone.

Massage is effective for recovering sore, tired or stiff muscles from most areas in the body especially major muscles groups in the limbs and torso. I have been providing massage therapy for persons of all ages for the last 7 years specialising in deep tissue, Swedish relaxation and a rehabilitative massage. It is really important to be aware that you do not have to remove clothing to receive an effective massage. The choice is yours, if you want a full body massage then it is advisable but not essential but if you just want a head, neck and shoulder massage then you can keep all you clothes on if you wish.


Common locations for painful Trigger Points (TrP)
  1. Your care begins before we even meet. I take great pride in ensuring you receive an excellent service experience from our first conversation to the time when you decide you are ready to finish treatment.
  2. Identifying your history and goals will be the first thing on my agenda and ask all patients to share any and all information you feel is relevant and pertinent for me to know.
  3. My technique will vary according to what you need/request and I will learn very quickly how your body responds to different massage techniques. I like to think of it as my hands reading your muscles like a book, learning more and more every time.
  4. The environment you are going to be massaged might be in the comfort of your own home or in my facility. I aim to make that space a little haven away from reality via cleanliness and sound ie music. However music is entirely optional.
  5. After care following treatment might require you undertaking an activity or stretch to prolong the therapeutic benefits however if you require further information or support I will always be on the end of a telephone or email.

Your massage will ultimately aim to achieve your personal goals in the shortest period of time as my agenda is to get you feeling 110% as soon as possible however ongoing massage treatments are encouraged if you find them effective in improving well being.

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